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D&G: Cream is IN

It seems as though D&G is obsessed with cream! Pretty much every article of clothing were either cream or shades of white. Despite the same uses of colors it was an interesting show, very wintery. In fact it even had Gemma Ward closing the show dressed in a tank top that reads "Merry Christmas" and a red skirt.

Things were a bit different at Salvatore Ferregamo. We saw alot of different colors yet it all tied in. I thought alot of the clothing was beautiful, but apparently style.com thought differently : "in total, this collection did nothing to either flatter the models—or to advance the image of the brand. " . Yikes! Ah well, better luck next time Salvatore.

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Celebrity Pap Pic of the day:

Heidi Klum: Let's hope she's joking.

Heidi Klum

I have to say, I'm a bit dissapointed with this one. Heidi is so so so so fabulous but in this outfit? Yuck, no thanks. She looks like shes trying to be a 15 year old lindsay lohan wannabe, but lately even Lindsay wouldn't be wearing that outfit. Oy, Heidi I forgive you this time, but next time try and put together something a bit classier.

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SIENNA MILLER: Fashion Icon or Fashion Copycat?

Now, i'm sure everybody has their own opinions about Sienna as a person, but Sienna's style? ah well there's a debate. Here is my take on it.

Sienna has a great sense of style, and I love to see how she can express herself through her wardrobe. But then there's also times when I feel that she overdoes it, and she sometimes looks like shes going trick-or-treating.

For example:

Now PLEASE tell me they are going to a halloween party! Talk about FASHION OVERKILL. Sienna, it's fabulous that you have Edie as a fashion role model, but please don't rip the girl off by copying the exact outfit Edie wore!

Oh, and Jude? It's sweet that he's color coordinating with her, but we only need one Edie copycat in this world, and at least she's a girl.

On the other hand, maybe Sienna just thinks that she's bringing back Edie's style. Which wouldn't be bad, but I just think it could be toned down a bit.

Here's an article about how Sienna copies countless other famous women.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Sienna, but I just think she should stick to what SHE thinks SHE should wear, not what Edie would wear.


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